Advancing Veterans &
Families As Civic Leaders

Together we're leading change in our communities and making NYC the greatest city in the country for veterans & families.

The NYC Veterans Alliance is a member-driven, grassroots policy advocacy and community-building organization that advances veterans and families as civic leaders in NYC and beyond

Community Outreach

Connecting veterans & families with organizations, resources, and opportunities across the NYC Metro area

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Civic Leadership

Engaging our members in speaking, writing, and rising as leaders in their community

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Get Ready to Run

Training and supporting our members running for elected office

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Policy & Legislative Advocacy

Our member-driven work to make NYC the best city in the country for veterans & families

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Together we're leading change in our community

Veterans Left Behind

By Everett Cox

I visit vets. Two, sometimes three days a week, I visit vets. A vet in jail or under a bridge, in a McDonalds, in their homes, or at a shelter. I visit addicted vets, old vets, delusional vets, suicidal vets. We share stories, sometimes a cup of coffee or...

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Survey on VA Hospitals in NYC

We deserve VA hospitals that ALL New Yorkers can be proud of. In a city renowned for some of the best medical facilities in America - our VA hospitals should likewise be among the best in the nation.

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