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Our Calling

In 2015, veterans and families seemed barely a political afterthought in NYC government - meanwhile veterans were returning home to NYC from deployments abroad, and veterans home for decades feeling abandoned by city that paid little recognition. A small group of veterans and advocates felt a clear calling to create an organization that would serve as the advocacy voice for NYC’s veterans and families.

Since then, the NYC Veterans Alliance has led change in NYC for veterans and families. In June 2015, we released Change Is Essential, a first-of-its-kind policy paper produced by more than a dozen experts - and the basis for numerous substantive policy changes in NYC government that have improved access to and delivery of services for veterans and families in recent years. In July 2015, we produced and hosted the Forum on NYC Veterans Policy, giving voice to experts and lifelong advocates on a wide range of issues that laid a foundation for our advocacy work—and for informing and involving our community in that work.

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Our Vision

The NYC Veterans Alliance achieves community wellness and access to services for all veterans in New York City and beyond, regardless of service era or discharge status. We empower veterans, families, and civilian allies to connect as a community, advocate for improved policies, and advance as civic leaders.

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Original Launch

Launched WordPress site.

Jan 2015

Change is Essential

Release of "Change is Essential" - our policy paper that has changed the landscape for NYC veterans & families.

June 2015

Forum on NYC Veterans Policy

Our launch event "Forum on NYC Veterans Policy" at the New York Public Library, with John Oliver as a guest speaker.

July 2015

First Membership Meeting

Our FIRST MEMBERSHIP MEETING at the Urban Justice Center, and our official "birth".

August 2015


Launch of our online community calendar, now known as OurVeterans.NYC.

September 2015

NYC Department of Veterans' Services

Members were present for the signing of the law creating the NYC Department of Veterans' Services - a law that wouldn't have passed without our advocacy.

December 2015

Get Ready to Run

Launch of our first Get Ready to Run fellows cohort trip to Washington DC.

March 2016

Intro. 1259

Introduction of Intro. 1259 by NYC Council, the first law we drafted and pushed for introduction

August 2016

"Serving New York" award

Recipient of "Serving New York" award by New York State Broadcasting Association for our partnership with WLIW21 public television for "Veterans Coming Home" videos featuring our members.

November 2016

Second Get Ready to Run

Second Get Ready to Run fellows cohort trip to DC

January 2017

"Love Our Veterans"

"Love Our Veterans" rally at City Hall and our first Lobby Week

February 2017

NYC Veteran Candidate Workshop

NYC Veteran Candidate Workshop - hosted at Civic Hall, plus kickoff event with Charlie Rangel and Patrick Murphy

April 2017

Intro 1259

Unanimous passage of Intro 1259 by NYC Council

June 2017

Making Change

Making Change in NYC event at Civic Hall

February 2018

March to City Hall

March to City Hall Week

March 2018

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