Property Tax Exemption


We're proud to be the leading voice for tax relief for NYC veteran homeowners in focus groups, hearings, and ongoing advocacy. The expansion of the Alternative and Eligible Funds tax exemptions for veteran homeowners took effect in 2018, and we continue to advocate for passage of the Cold War exemption for veterans and improved outreach by city agencies to help veteran homeowners better understand their exemptions and the property taxes they owe.

Below is an "explainer" on the latest as of February 2020:

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Half-Price Metrocards for Student Veterans

At last! The Fair Fares program will soon be extended to include qualifying student veterans, to finally fulfill a promise included in the NYC budget announced in June 2018. The measure was originally mandated to go into effect on January 1, 2019, to provide half-price MetroCards for more than 12,000 veterans enrolled in NYC colleges. Following months of delay, we have learned from the city that this will at last be implemented as follows: 

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Affordable Apartment Primer

Affordable housing is a top priority for our NYC veterans community, and we get frequent questions from veterans who need help with navigating NYC’s rental market. Below is information intended to inform our community and assist them with improving their situation; this list is not exhaustive.

Note: Thanks for making this one of our top-visited webpages! We've updated resources listed here as of November 2019. 

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