Update: Fair Fares for Student Veterans

fairfares.jpgLast June, Mayor de Blasio and Council Speaker Corey Johnson announced that the "Fair Fares" policy would go into effect on January 1, 2019, providing half-price Metrocards for approximately 800,000 New Yorkers in need of transit fare relief, to include more than 12,000 veterans enrolled in NYC colleges. It's now the second week of January--where are Fair Fares for student vets?

Mayor de Blasio has already taken heat for the delay in rolling out Fair Fares--and the slow "phasing" for the program to proceed. As of right now, only 30,000 New Yorkers--those already receiving cash assistance from the city--will be eligible for Fair Fares this month. More groups will be phased in over time--but Fair Fares for student veterans that do not otherwise fall within these groups aren't yet part of the Mayor's announcements for implementation.

The Mayor's office has not yet responded to our inquiries on how and when student veterans will be able to enroll and receive this benefit promised in the city's 2019 budget. The Chairman of the Veterans Committee has not yet received a commitment from the Mayor's office on a firm timeline.

We're diligently working this issue--and we will make an urgent call to action to our community if Mayor de Blasio fails to deliver on his promise to student veterans of affordable Metrocards as a new semester begins. Stay tuned for updates!