"No Veteran Should Ever Feel Alone with PTSD"

Yesterday we stood together at City Hall for the cause of PTSD awareness. Council Member Eric Ulrich, who chairs the City Council Veterans Committee, has introduced a resolution declaring June as PTSD awareness month for the city, which parallels a U.S. Senate resolution recognizing the same nationally.

Standing united in front of City Hall for PTSD awareness. Photo by Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America

Council Member Ulrich spoke, followed by MOVA Commissioner Loree Sutton, Tom Mahany from Honor for All, Anthony Pike from Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, Scott Thompson from the Veterans Mental Health Coalition, and Craig Vandergoot from NYU Langone’s Military Family Clinic. All spoke about the need for all of us to be aware of how PTSD impacts veterans and their families, and that NYC government and citizens must act to ensure veterans have full access to mental health resources. As a physician and national expert on PTSD, Commissioner Sutton stated that PTSD treatment is available, and that it does work. Council Member Ulrich emphasized that no veteran in NYC should ever feel alone with PTSD, and that NYC government and the community stand ready to help.

Craig Vendergoot spoke in detail about the free and confidential services available from NYU Langone's Military Family Clinic for PTSD and other mental health needs of veterans and their families. Please ensure that the veterans and family members in your network are fully aware that the Military Family Clinic stands ready to assist all service members and veterans regardless of discharge status or era of service, and that spouses, children, girlfriends, boyfriends, or other loved ones of veterans can also receive mental health services with or without the veteran being present. These services are free of charge and fully confidential.

The Military Family Clinic, in addition to providing free services related to PTSD, also treats trauma and stress, depression, anxiety, alcohol and substance abuse, grief and loss, relationship and family conflict, military sexual trauma, readjustment issues, parenting concerns, and children's behavioral or academic problems.

For more information or to make an appointment, call 855-698-4677 or email [email protected].

We may disagree at times with the de Blasio administration on policies and approaches, but were nevertheless proud to stand strong and united with city officials and members of our veterans community on this important issue.