Report: Veteran Responses

Veteran Service and Discharge Status. Of the veterans and currently-serving members of the military who responded, 97.96% indicated they received an honorable discharge for their service or are currently serving. A smaller number of veterans were discharged under conditions that were not characterized as honorable.


Accessing VA Healthcare. Veteran respondents were asked to indicate their current status of accessing healthcare services from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Less than half (46.97%) of veteran respondents to the survey reported that they are currently using the VA for healthcare. Almost the same number of respondents (46.11%) indicated that they’ve stopped going, are eligible but have either never gone or never enrolled, or aren’t sure if they’re eligible.


Respondent Comments. Respondents offered the following comments about their experience with VA healthcare in NYC:

  • I no longer use the VA because I was told that because I didn't serve overseas in Iraq or Afghanistan I could no longer use the services of the VA.
  • The VA is not proactive and thus is underutilized for those who really need it.
  • The Bronx VA hospital needs a LOT of work--I stopped seeking VA care because the staff was condescending and rude, the clinics didn't open at posted times. I've heard the Manhattan VA is pretty horrible as well.
  • Need better service from the Brooklyn VA Hospital (1st floor ID office and the 9th floor when we go to inquire about service). They make us feel as if we are a bother (9th floor).
  • I was enrolled in both the Manhattan & Brooklyn VA healthcare system and there were moments that I felt I was not receiving adequate care especially when it came to a disease I encountered and if I would have been given a consult for an outside specialist my condition would not be as terrible as it is today. I felt let down by the medical facilities and I would hope they improve for other veterans who have had similar experiences.