A Proclamation - Thanks to You!

by Kristen L. Rouse

On Tuesday evening, NYC Public Advocate Tish James presented the NYC Veterans Alliance with a Proclamation that says, in part:

Be it Resolved that I, Public Advocate for the City of New York, Letitia James, recognize the NYC Veterans Alliance as an organization worthy of our highest respect and esteem; and may it further be Proclaimed, that today, June 28, 2016, is a day to honor NYC Veterans Alliance.

This Proclamation is thanks to you! We are proud to add this to the two pens we received from Mayor Bill de Blasio when he signed bills that we advocated for into law--in addition to our string of successes over the last year that we hope you take as much pride in as we do.


We’re Here Because of You. As a nonprofit startup, our growth process hasn’t always been seamless and smooth. But you’ve believed in the potential of this organization, you’ve been patient and supportive, and you’re helping us to cultivate and grow the NYC Veterans Alliance as a unique, community-driven, and highly effective organization that serves and enhances our community. We are especially grateful to our Founding Members (who joined us before January 20th!) and all of you who have joined us and supported our successes since we held our first public event in July of last year. We wouldn’t still be here without you!

Did We Miss Something? We want to make sure you’ve received your member t-shirt and have all your questions answered—but as we've reorganized how we're communicating with members, we might’ve missed something! Please reply to this email if you haven’t yet received your t-shirt or have other questions!

Can You Volunteer? You might’ve volunteered ideas and services that we didn’t yet have the structure to put to good use—but we want you involved as we continue building capacity and capability as an organization! If we haven’t yet taken you up on your offer—or if you have the time & energy to help us—please send a quick note to [email protected] and we’ll get back with you!

Slack with Us! All NYC Veterans Alliance members are invited to join the conversation online in our members-only Slack team. You have things to say and info to share on specific issues—and your fellow members are eager to discuss with you! If you aren’t yet active with us on Slack, let us know by replying to this email!

Send & Subscribe to VetJobs! We’ve received so many job announcements—and we also receive requests from veterans asking for help with finding jobs. To more effectively match jobs with job seekers, we created [email protected]! Anyone can send job announcements for our subscribers. Veterans, spouses, and recruiters can subscribe to this email list by emailing [email protected] with SUBSCRIBE in the subject line. Try it out!

Have a happy and safe Independence Day weekend, and stay tuned for more announcements and events in July!

Thanks, as always, for being a member!