Policy & Legislative Advocacy

Primarily funded by members, our Policy & Legislative Advocacy Program has brought about systemic change to improve the lives of NYC veterans and families. Our members provide feedback on policy proposals, are active in calling for change, and their work has produced tangible results in passage of legislation, implementation of policies, and education of elected officials on the issues and concerns of our community.

  • Creation of NYC Department of Veterans’ Services
  • Expansion and protection of NYC budget for veterans
  • Introduction and passage of Local Law 119, protecting veterans and servicemembers from discrimination
  • Passage and implementation of tax relief for NYC veteran property owners
  • Passage and implementation of $25 annual memberships for veterans at NYC Parks recreational facilities
  • Implementation of linkage of NYC 311 service with VA Veteran Crisis Hotline
  • Consistent advocacy for veterans and families at NYC Council hearings and in meetings and letters of support for pending legislation in Albany