A Successful March to City Hall Week!

marchpic.jpgThanks to all who participated in making our March to City Hall Week a great success! March to City Hall Week is the premier civic leadership event of the NYC Veterans Alliance, mobilizing our membership as speakers and advocates committed to making NYC the best city in the country for veterans and their families. Members and staff advocated for our 2018 Action Agenda, a detailed list of policy solutions we are pressing our NYC Council Members, NY State delegation, and Congressional delegation to take action on.

Starting on Monday, March 19, with a kickoff event at Civic Hall followed by a march of our members to City Hall, the week included a tour of City Hall's architectural and cultural history, an in-depth meeting with government affairs staff at the NYC Department of Veterans' Services, and a well-attended kickoff happy hour at Barleycorn. More than a dozen members participated in meetings with NYC Council Members and legislative staff, spending nearly nine full hours in in-depth discussions. We have secured preliminary agreements to take action on some of our agenda items, and we look forward to continuing the conversation with these legislators. 

We thank the NYC Department of Veterans' Services and the following Council Members and staff for their time: Helen Rosenthal, Ben Kallos, Mark Levine, Mark Gjonaj, Ritchie Torres, Robert Holden, Eric Ulrich, Jumaane Williams, and Chaim Deutsch. Because of the snowstorm that closed Council offices, we are rescheduling with several Members, and appreciate their flexibility.