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As part of our mission to empower NYC veterans, we invite our members to join our nonpartisan Get Ready to Run program! Whether you're already planning to run for elected office, or you're interested in becoming more engaged and informed as a civic leader, we hope you'll let us know below that we can include you as part of our program's contact list!

Here's what our program entails:

1. Learn the Basics

On our partner page, you can type in your address and see all the elected offices in your district, as well as learn how to get on the ballot--plus take an online course on running for office!

2. Meet Others in Our Program

Join us for events and get-togethers where you can meet other members similarly interested in running for office and becoming more engaged as civic leaders. Participate in and grow along with our growing community of leaders!

3. Grow as a Thought Leader

We'll let you know about special events that will build your knowledge and skillsets as an engaged thought leader on local, state, and federal policies and current events, as well as put you directly in touch with experts and leaders in the field.

4. Train to Become a Candidate

Apply for training opportunities with Veterans Campaign, VoteRunLead, and other outstanding nonpartisan organizations that are preparing the next generation of veterans and leaders to run for office! Hear what our first Get Ready to Run training cohort from March 2016 had to say about their experience:

Learn more about our March 2016 Cohort.

5. Get Support for Running

We want to cultivate a supportive community that's committed to growing leaders and advancing their success. When it's time to launch your campaign, we hope to be able to offer the support you need to succeed.


Can we count you in? Email to join us!

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