Apply to Get Ready to Run - January 2017!

grtr.jpgApply to join our next Get Ready to Run (GRTR) cohort! If you're a veteran, transitioning military member, or military/veteran spouse, domestic partner, or widow in the New York City Metro area -- you're eligible to apply!

The purpose of GRTR is to prepare men and women who are committed advocates for the veteran community to broaden their skills and knowledge in civic leadership.

We hope the end result is for members of our GRTR cohorts to run an effective campaign for public office (local, state, or U.S. Congress) within the next 2-5 years.


[Applications are Closed.]



Last March, we piloted our GRTR Program by taking four veterans to Washington, D.C., for four days of intensive training, networking, and preparation for civic leadership and running for office. Take a look at what we did, and what our four veterans had to say about it:

In January, we'll be sending our next cohort to Washington, D.C.--transportation, lodging, and tuition included--for a fully-immersive four days of training. The trip is scheduled as follows:

We'll depart together from NYC the evening (after work) of Thursday, January 5

Friday, January 6th - Full day and evening of meetings, training, and networking

Saturday, January 7th - Full day of Veterans Campaign workshop, followed by evening networking event

Sunday, January 8th - Full day of Veterans Campaign workshop, followed by evening networking event

Monday, January 9th - Culminating day of campaign strategy, communications, and media demo at the Newseum

We'll return together to NYC on Monday evening

We hope to select a cohort of at least 6 individuals who represent the best of our veterans & spouses, and who will make a great team and base of support for the GRTR cohorts who come behind them. Veterans of any service era, branch, or component--or their spouses, domestic partners, or widows--are invited to apply. We also value diversity in background, experience, and political ideology. No prior political experience is required.  

To apply:

Identify one or more elected offices you'd consider running for based on your residential address by clicking here.

Check your schedule to ensure that, if selected, you'd be able to join us the evening of January 5th through the night of January 9th.

Complete our application form by clicking here. The earlier you apply, the earlier we'll be able to get back with you.

Commit to raising $250 or more from friends and family if you are selected. This isn't a fee; this is to begin building your network for funding your future campaign.

Share this with other NYC-area veterans/spouses who should run for office. We need humble leaders who are committed to the greater good--and they often resist the idea of running for elected office in a system that doesn't seem to reward good character and ethics. Let them know we're looking for them and want them in our cohort!


Want to support our January 2017 GRTR cohort?

100% of funds donated here will go toward covering their costs!