Get Ready to Run

Veterans and their spouses have experience in building teams and communities based on commitment to country and service with individuals with differing backgrounds and political views, which makes them ideally positioned to succeed as political leaders committed to bridging the partisan divide and placing service to community and country above all else. Our Get Ready to Run Program provides nonpartisan education and support to our most active, committed, and capable rising leaders towards future participation in campaigns and as candidates for elected office.

Get Ready to Run Fellowship Cohorts

Veterans and spouses have experienced immersive, four-day training experiences in Washington, D.C., covering the basics of running for elected office. This has taken place as annual cohort trips in 2016 and 2017

NYC Veteran Candidate Workshop

The 2017 Fellows cohort planned an interactive weekend workshop for more than 30 veterans and spouses in NYC where participants had personalized interactions with campaign and communications professionals, political candidates, and elected officials

Mentorship and Education

Fellows have had mentorship and support, to include interactive meetings with role models and distinguished guests from the political world

Our seven Get Ready to Run Fellows as they spend four days of intensive training on how to run for elected office