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300_genequality_group.jpgWe're proud to announce a new partnership with GenEquality in support of our initiatives to improve access and recognition of women veterans in VA healthcare by changing its motto and naming the Manhattan VA in honor of Margaret Corbin, the first woman combat veteran to be paid and pensioned by the U.S. Armed Forces. 

Proceeds from the sale of each special-edition "Seeing Is Believing" t-shirt will go toward these initiatives to change the way women veterans are seen within the VA healthcare system--as well as by our fellow veterans. 



400_genequality_1.jpgWhy "Seeing Is Believing"?

What we see influences our beliefs, attitudes, and goals. When we see women veterans front and center when it comes to accessing VA healthcare and benefits, recognizing their combat service, and empowering them as service-driven leaders--we can truly believe in their accomplishments and potential. 


Seeing IS Believing

As an organization founded and in large part led by women veterans--we know personally the ongoing challenges for women veterans to be fully recognized for their service. And we've been asked questions at VA hospitals like, "Where is your husband?" and "Do you work here?" and "Are you really a veteran?" We're ready for some "seeing is believing" changes in policy: 400_genequality_2.jpg

 -- Changing the VA's motto to language that doesn't exclude women

 -- Naming a major VA hospital for Margaret Corbin, who was wounded in combat in Manhattan in November 1776


Partnership with GenEquality

We are grateful to GenEquality for recognizing the importance of these initiatives to change the culture of our veterans community to better recognize and include women veterans here in NYC and across the country. No one who fought for our country should have to fight just to be recognized as a veteran--or to access the benefits and services they've rightfully earned.





Special Edition Red and Blue

Red, white, and blue represent who we are as veterans and family members--and GenEquality is running this special edition of "Seeing Is Believing" through December 31st to support our initiatives!


400_genequality_4.jpgA Favorite for Everyone!

We hope this will be one of your very favorite t-shirts in your wardrobe. There's also an infant onsie version for our youngest advocates!




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