Civic Leadership

Members of the NYC Veterans Alliance—veterans, family members, and civilian allies— actively take part in sharing their stories and passion for serving others. Through public speaking and writing, educational programs on making a difference in government, voter registration drives, and other civic engagement, our members are rising in their confidence and capabilities as service-driven civic leaders.

Telling Our Stories

Our members—veterans, family members, and civilian allies—have participated in public speaking events that showcase their stories of service and advance their confidence on a public stage

Our Voices Blog

Members have expressed their ideas and experiences writing for our curated blog; blog posts have been crossposted on Task & Purpose and the received attention on NY1’s In Focus with Cheryl Wills

Empowering Change

We host educational programs and workshops to empower our members to make change locally, including voter registration drives, Mental Health First Aid, Making Change in NYC Government, and others

Award-Winning Media Collaboration

Our partnership with WLIW21 public television’s “Veterans Coming Home” Project received the New York State Broadcasting Association’s 2016 “Serving New York” Award

James Fitzgerald tells a powerful story of finding out who he really was through his combat service.