Can you put my film / media project in touch with veterans and/or family members with a specific physical, medical, or social condition to tell their story via media?


We receive many requests and "casting calls" for veterans, military members, and their family members for specific film, television, and other media projects, often specifying specific illnesses, disabilities, or other conditions in these requests. We do not offer separate communications to members or our email list for these opportunities.

We will consider posting opportunities for veterans, military members, and their family members on our Bulletin Board if the request meets all of the following criteria: (1) Media project proposes to treat veteran/military/family content in a respectful manner; (2) All individuals devoting time to the project will receive union-equivalent compensation for their time, regardless of whether filmed/taped material is used in the final media product; (3) Individuals will be fully advised on how media using their image and/or story will be utilized; (4) A name, phone number, and email address are included for the project's point of contact.

Please contact [email protected] with requests that meet the above specifications.