Our 2018 Policy Priorities

cityhall_400.jpgBased on input and feedback from our membership, as well as our founding mission and values, we are proud to announce our Policy Priorities for 2018. These priorities are the framework upon which our legislative initiatives, public testimonies, and advocacy are based. 

Our nine priorities are:

  1. Improving housing stability for veterans and families and fulfilling our nation’s promise to veterans of accessible home ownership in the city they call home
  2. Improving and modernizing access to and accountability of benefits and services for veterans and their families in the NYC metropolitan area
  3. Improving access to appropriate employment, education, and entrepreneurship resources and credits
  4. Including & recognizing veterans and family members who may feel invisible or left behind—including caregivers and spouses, women and LGBTQ veterans, veterans who served between Vietnam and 9/11/01, immigrants and their families, and veterans with “bad paper” discharges
  5. Protecting veterans, servicemembers, and their families against discrimination
  6. Resourcing and accountability of the NYC Department of Veterans’ Services
  7. Improving access to and quality of Veterans Treatment Courts across the five boroughs and the NYC Metro area
  8. Improving access to voting and electoral processes for servicemembers and all New Yorkers
  9. Preserving and maintaining NYC military history and heritage

Look for announcements in the upcoming days and weeks!