Another Bill Signed, Another Pen for the NYC Veterans Alliance!

Another proud day for the NYC Veterans Alliance: we received our second bill-signing pen!


This morning, Mayor de Blasio signed yet another bill we've supported into law. This is the FIFTH local law that the NYC Veterans Alliance helped to push through since we started last year, and we were the only organization in the room who actively advocated for its passage.

These pens (our first was from December, when the Mayor signed the Department of Veterans Services into law) belong to our members--we simply wouldn’t be seeing these dramatic changes for NYC veterans without our members believing this organization, participating, and generously supporting our work with membership dues and donations.

Bill 856-A will enable veterans, seniors, and persons with disabilities access to NYC Parks recreational facilities across the five boroughs at very low annual rates. Our Vice President for Policy, Samuel Innocent, wrote and presented a heartfelt and powerful testimony in favor of this bill last October. We believe that NYC Parks offer vital spaces for NYC veterans to quiet our minds, get active, and connect with our city and communities in meaningful ways.

Making the city’s excellent recreational facilities more affordable for all veterans is an important and profound way to improve the physical and mental well-being of many thousands of veterans across our city. This bill is a perfect example of how even seemingly small changes in city laws can change the lives of veterans.

We have more work to do in 2016! Please join us and support our work to make NYC the best city in the country for veterans!