As of July 2015, NYC government now offers IDNYC cards with veteran designation. It defines veterans consistent with the City Charter, which includes all veterans who have served on active duty and have a discharge status other than dishonorable. Our recommendations helped to make IDNYC's veteran designation an inclusive one. 

IDNYC cards with veteran designation is a great way for each of us to show NYC government that we want to stand up and be counted as proud NYC veterans. We encourage all NYC veterans to make an appointment and get an IDNYC card as soon as possible to take advantage of its many benefits. 

In addition to the many benefits available to all New Yorkers who get an IDNYC card--including entertainment discounts, one-year memberships to museums and cultural institutions, NYC Parks and YMCA discounts, and many other useful programs--the veteran designation offers veterans a free one-year membership to the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, access to NYC Small Business Services veterans employment and entrepreneurship programs, discounts through the Queens Chamber of Commerce VETS program, and a one-year digital membership to the Veterans Advantage program offering discounts with major retailers. 

To sign up for the IDNYC with veterans designation, do these three things:

  1. Make an appointment at an IDNYC enrollment center convenient for you by clicking HERE or calling 311.
  2. Show proof of your identity & NYC residency. Examples of acceptable proof are HERE
  3. Show proof of your veteran status. Examples of acceptable documents are HERE.

Below are the most recent posts, statements, and recommendations the NYC Veterans Alliance has made on this issue:


There are many issues we've brought up and discussed about NYC veterans, but it's always a great day when we can celebrate a win, connect with City officials, and also visit with great organizations and veterans who are active with our community.

Our report last month, Change is Essential, showed that veteran designation on IDNYC cards is important to our community, and we recommended that the IDNYC define veterans according to the inclusive definition of the City Charter. Although veteran designation on IDNYC cards has been in the works for some months, our survey and recommendation helped to push this program to its final implementation as a high-quality, inclusive program for NYC's veterans.

The good news is that NYC government has finally implemented the veteran designation we were promised last year by Mayor de Blasio, and that we’ve gotten exactly what we asked for in the Change is Essential report we released last month, plus a several additional benefits. We appreciate all the work that MOVA and many dedicated officials at City Hall and the City Council put into what we believe to be a very solid program that recognizes NYC veterans in accordance with the City Charter. This is a good thing.

Veterans have long wanted an easier way to prove their veteran status than carrying around copies of their DD214s, and it looks like the federal government is on the verge of passing legislation to create official veterans ID cards, separate from Veterans Health Administration ID cards issued only to veterans that meet eligibility requirements for health care. Read this morning's news story about this here.

Earlier this year, NYC ID cards were launched, and the Mayor stated that veteran status would be included, although this has yet to be implemented. A total of 70.88% of respondents indicated that they view this as either essential or very important.

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