VETO of 2015 Veterans Equality Act

VETO of 2015 Veterans Equality Act

In an overnight veto on October 26, Gov. Andrew Cuomo once again squashed a bill that was passed unanimously in the NY State Senate and had only one dissenting vote in the Assembly. As a result:

  • Combat veterans who served in Afghanistan, Somalia, Bosnia, and Kosovo remain ineligible for the NY State pension buyback benefits currently offered to veterans who served in Iraq, Vietnam,  and Panama.
  • Veterans who guarded detainees at Guantanamo, who manned missile batteries in Israel, who stood guard or sailed across the world during the Cold War, Gulf War, and Global War on Terror in areas not designated as combat zones remain ineligible for the NY State pension buyback benefits currently offered to veterans who served in the U.S. and non-combat areas prior to 1976.
  • The relatively small number of veterans employed in NY State and NYC civil service positions continue to be told it is “too expensive” to allow all who served honorably to buy back up to three years of pension credit.
  • Veterans employed by the State of Massachusetts can buy back up to four years of pension credit for their honorable service—without the arbitrary rules NY State currently imposes.
  • Veterans employed by the Federal government may use all of their years of honorable service as credit toward their pension.

Just like last year—Governor Cuomo gives his veteran employees a VETO of Veterans Equality for Veterans Day. We deserve better.


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  • commented 2015-11-02 07:23:49 -0500
    Re: calling a special session of Legislature.
    Are we to believe that the legislature was “in session” while we waited until the 11th hour of the 10th day, as opposed to a 30 day period, for Cuomo’s decision; yet “not in session” as of the press releases concerning the reactions to the Gov.’s veto of the veterans quality act, which followed immediately?
  • commented 2015-10-30 22:46:50 -0400
    Be advised:
    I believe that there is a 10 day window to get this done., according to the New York State Constitution article 4 section 7.
    Make your calls now. Do not sit back and wait for something else to happen or for someone else to do something.
    Make sure that whoever you talk to is aware of this 10 day window.
    Do not accept a “wait-till-next-year” answer. “third times a charm” Will not apply to this bill.
    The time for an " ALL Vets" Bill is now.
    Lets get it done.
  • commented 2015-10-29 18:15:31 -0400
    Perfect….. Piss off everyone and see who votes for you in the future…… moron.
  • commented 2015-10-29 16:37:10 -0400
    What a jerk wish I lived in NY I could vote against his inhuman self. Daughter and wife of a Vet mother of active service member.
  • commented 2015-10-29 13:58:09 -0400
    I am so glad I don’t live in NYS anymore! I was raised a New Yorker but now I am ashamed to admit! what the hell is wrong with your govenore????? Without veterans where would ANY of us be! My Dad and Stepfather both served honorably in service to their country! Sorry to say, they are gone now but I am glad they cannot be treated as shabbily as the vets nowadays are!!!! Your govenor should be ASHAMED of himself!!!!!! Wish I could sign your petition! I am signing this …. A very sad ex-New Yorker!!!!!!!!
  • commented 2015-10-29 10:36:33 -0400
    To ALL NYS residents please take a moment and please fill out this petition. It is to overturn Gov. Cuomo veto of the veteran equality bill. It helps all state employees who served in the military
  • commented 2015-10-29 09:34:05 -0400
    Great comments, all. Please send letters and emails and call your NY State representatives asking them to override this veto. Great letter, d. cronin.

    We’re also supporting a petition by Assemblyman Brian Curran for the override, which you can sign and share:
  • commented 2015-10-29 08:38:03 -0400
    Speak up Americans! Let you representatives know what you want. Don’t get on here and whine about it. ACT!!!!!!!
  • commented 2015-10-28 17:46:00 -0400
    I have sent the following email to senators Larkin, Flanagan, Boyle; speaker Heastie, and assemblywoman Paulin, and submitted it to the Senate’s contact webpage. I also called and left messages with both Sen. Larkins and assemblywoman Paulins District offices and Albany offices regarding this matter, as there is only 10 days to act on this:

    Sirs and Madam:
    Thank you for your work thus far concerning the Veterans Equality Act, which was vetoed by Gov. Cuomo as of yesterday.
    Special thanks to Sen. Larkin, a Veteran himself, for his unwavering passionate support of Veterans, and to Assemblywoman Paulin, sponsor of the Assembly version of this bill.
    As a citizen of the State of New York, I now call on you and your colleagues in both the Senate and the Assembly, in the faithful execution of the duties and responsibilities of your oaths of office, to ensure that the people of the State of New York, who you have been elected to represent, shall not be denied their constitutional rights as outlined in Article IV, Section 7 of the New York state Constitution; to hold a vote to override Gov. Cuomo’s veto of the Veterans Equality Act (S5937; A8174-A);, that it may, in its entirety, become law, having received near unanimous approval from both houses of the Legislature.
    There is no good reason to skip this important step before resorting to other alternatives.
    Time is of the essence.
    Veterans Day is coming.

    Honor ALL who Serve Honorably

    PS: I hope that all veterans, Active military personnel, and their supporters in attendance of any Veterans Day observations in the vicinity of Gov. Cuomo and or Mayor DeBlasio, turn their backs on these two men and give them the photo ops that they deserve.
  • commented 2015-10-28 17:38:24 -0400
    I bought my 3 years while I was civil service. I later became a reservist and was deployed during Op Desert Shield and Desert Storm and lost 6 months of that buy back. I was again mobilized for 2 years after 9/11 but decided to retire from the civil service job rather than give the state another 2 years that I had already purchased. So much for the recognition of the service to the nation that the program was intended for. Maybe Cuomo should’ve served so that he truly knows what the sacrifices are made by those who go into harms way at the behest of the President.
  • commented 2015-10-28 16:46:15 -0400
    Shouldn’t have voted him back into office…
  • commented 2015-10-28 15:44:16 -0400
    Call your representatives and tell them to vote to Impeach Cuomo! His slimy actions always take place in the middle of the night like the safe act was done. Only cockroaches come out at night and Cuomo is definitely one!
  • commented 2015-10-28 14:53:17 -0400
    This man is pure evil, doesn’t deserve to be an american! Ship him to the middle of the axis of evil, he will fit rite in.
  • commented 2015-10-28 14:43:59 -0400
    well we already know that cuomo is a corrupt self serving pig, so this comes as no surprise, but it sounds like the senate and assembly easily have the votes to override the veto. if they choose not to do so then they are equally (if not more) responsible for this bill’s failure.
  • commented 2015-10-28 13:35:26 -0400
    NYSRPA’s President TOM KING has promised this will not go unanswered, this is not the end of the road for this important legislation. Tom reminds us the state Legislature has it within its power, if it so chooses and can find the courage, to over ride this egregious veto. Tom reminds everyone only One assemblyperson voted against. Stay tuned.
  • commented 2015-10-28 09:42:04 -0400
    Fire him and take his pension away
  • commented 2015-10-27 13:41:10 -0400
    Thanks for the comments, everyone. A note: as of 1PM on Tuesday, per a phone call with the Governor’s office—there is no memo to go along with the veto, and no press release or further information at this time. In other words, Governor Cuomo vetoed the bill last night without explanation.
  • commented 2015-10-27 11:47:57 -0400
    Absolutely despicable! Last March, he held his first NY Veterans and Military Family Summit [] promising to create a comprehensive approach to improving quality of services for Veterans, but we know now, it was just a big photo-op. Someone should contact the 36 Veterans groups which participated in the event and let them know that Cuomo is not serious about his stance on Veterans.
  • commented 2015-10-27 11:15:00 -0400
    Fuck him. He doesn’t have what it takes to truly serve his nation let alone his constituents.